APEC 2013
Conference paper

A 4.6W/mm2 power density 86% efficiency on-chip switched capacitor DC-DC converter in 32 nm SOI CMOS

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The future trends in microprocessor supply current requirements represent a bottleneck for next generation high-performance microprocessors since the number of supply pins will constitute an increasingly larger fraction of the total number of package pins available. This leaves few pins available for signaling. On-chip power conversion is a means to overcome this limitation by increasing the input voltage - thereby reducing the input current - and performing the final power conversion on the chip itself. This paper details the design and implementation of on-chip switched capacitor converters in deep submicron technologies. High capacitance density deep trench capacitors with a low parasitic bottom plate capacitor ratio available in the technology facilitate high power density and efficiency in on-chip switched capacitor converter implementations. The measured performance of a 2 > 1 voltage conversion ratio on-chip switched capacitor converter implemented in 32nm SOI CMOS technology with 1.8V input voltage results in a power density of 4.6W/mm2 at 86% efficiency when operated at a switching frequency of 100MHz. © 2013 IEEE.