IEDM 2008
Conference paper

32nm general purpose bulk CMOS technology for high performance applications at low voltage

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This paper presents for the first time a full 32nm CMOS technology for high data rate and low operating power applications using a conventional high-k with single metal gate stack. High speed digital transistors are demonstrated 22% delay reduction for ring oscillator (RO) at same power versus previous SiON technology. Significant matching factor (AVT) improvement (Avt∼ and low 1/f noise aligned with poly SiON are reported. Excellent Static Noise Margin (SNM) of 213mV has been achieved at low voltage for a high density 0.157um2 SRAM cell. Hierarchical BEOL based on Extreme Low k (ELK) dielectric (k∼2.4) is presented allowing high density wiring with low RC delay. Reliability criteria have been met for hot carrier injection (HCI), gate dielectric break-down (TDDB) and bias temperature instability (BTI) extracted at 125°C.