Ramon Bertran Monfort


Ramon Bertran Monfort




Senior Research Scientist @ Efficient and Resilient Systems Research Group


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


I'm a Senior Research Scientist in the Efficient and Resilient Systems Research Group at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. I received the PhD degree on Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2014.

I'm involved in research and development work in the area of power-aware, sustainable and resilient computer architectures and systems. I contributed in the areas of power/energy modelling and characterization (pre- and post- silicon) for all the generations of P/Z systems since 2012 as well as power management design and optimization of such systems (from low-level hardware mechanisms concepts such as power proxies and noise mitigations mechanisms to OS/Application level management policies) . Lately my focus has been expanded to AI/FHE accelerators, energy accounting and sustainability as well as the use of advanced AI techniques to automate and improve existing approaches.

External tools:

  • Microprobe: a micro-architecture aware microbenchmark generator framework used to support the works on power/performance/reliability characterization (source code) . Used for automatic microbenchmarking of IBM's P/Z/BlueGene processors and lately ported to RISCV.
  • ChopStiX: a tool & methodology to extract representative microbenchmarks from full applications.



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