Naweed Aghmad Khan


Naweed Aghmad Khan


Staff Research Scientist, Master Inventor


IBM Research - Africa Johannesburg, South Africa


Naweed Khan is a Research Scientist and Master Inventor in the AI Science team at IBM Research - Africa. He heads the patent portfolio in the South Africa lab and is a lead open source developer in the global Neuro-Symbolic AI team. He is a recipient of IBM’s Research Accomplishment award, with work focusing on enhancing core machine learning algorithms, computational framework implementation and infrastructure development in projects that look beyond today’s deep learning approaches. He develops tools that push the boundaries in Natural Language Understanding: making machines that reason with knowledge, learn with noisy data and compute in an efficient and symbolically interpretable way. Naweed obtained his MEng in Robotics and Image processing at the University of Johannesburg, where he also holds a BSc in Computer Science.





Extensions and NLU Applications of Logical Neural Networks

Using Logical Neural Networks to demonstrate the benefit of incorporating knowledge and reasoning into neural network learning

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