Mathias B Steiner


Mathias B Steiner


Manager and Senior Technical Staff Member, Sustainable Materials


IBM Research - Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Dr. Mathias Steiner combines computational and experimental research for driving the development of scientific discovery tools and technologies. He is currently co-leading IBM Research's global initiative in Sustainable Materials.

Mathias has 20 years of experience with applied and industrial research. He is the principal investigator and chief architect of IBM’s FlowDiscovery prototype technology and has initiated, managed, and contributed to various multi-national research collaborations with industrial and academic partners, leading to more than 100 papers and patents so far. Mathias is frequently being invited to speak at international research conferences, university seminars and industry events.

He first joined IBM in Physical Sciences at the TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, USA, where he led research projects concerned with nanometer scale devices, including the development of novel techniques for investigating the optical and electronic properties of functional materials. During his following tenure in services computing research, Mathias developed predictive risk management models for application in IBM’s Global IT Services Business.

Mathias is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), an IBM Master Inventor, a recipient of the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award and numerous IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards. He holds a doctorate in Physical Chemistry, a diploma in Physics, as well as a diploma in Business Administration.





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