Juliana Jansen Ferreira


Juliana Jansen Ferreira




Research Scientist, Human-Computer Interaction Researcher @ Knowledge-centric Systems group


IBM Research - Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Juliana is an HCI/UX Research Scientist in the Knowledge-centric Systems group at the IBM Research Center in Rio de Janeiro. She joined the lab in May 2015, working in the Natural Resources Software Technology group as a post-doc researcher. Since October 2016, as a Research Staff Member, she has been acting as a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher for AI systems in different groups (e.g. Natural Resources, Visual Analytics & Comprehension group, Tech4Impact Research group) with different research domains like Oil & Gas, Future of Work and Accelerated Discovery.

She holds a DSc. in Human-Computer Interaction and a master’s degree in Informatics for Business Supporting Systems with professional experience in the connection between the business domain and technological solutions.

Over the last 10 years, she acted in different industries – health, oil and gas, IT, education, private pension, justice, and legal affairs – interacting with stakeholders to identify possible opportunities for technological support. She has experience in business process modeling projects with several goals such as representation and review of business workflows, use of models to identify points of issues or opportunities for business improvement, and derivation of business requirements for new systems. Since she joined IBM Research, she has been focusing her research on human-computer interaction for AI systems.

Knowledge and extensive experience in evaluating systems interface and interaction to identify usability and communicability problems that affect the end-user experience. Large expertise in fieldwork methodologies and techniques involving people to identify interface and interaction needs for new systems' design or the redesign of existing ones. A skilled and thorough qualitative researcher, she is used to analyzing large amounts of data to point insights for further investigations related to people and how technology can influence their lives.





Sustainable Replacements for PFAS

We're addressing the environmental and human health impact of PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ by accelerating the discovery of sustainable replacements and improved capture materials.

Accelerator Technologies

We're developing technological solutions to assist subject matter experts with their scientific workflows by enabling the Human-AI co-creation process.

Top collaborators

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Kristin Schmidt

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