Learn + Play

Ready, set, PLAY! Have fun while exploring the concepts behind IBM's latest AI research—and helping us learn more about how humans interact with AI systems.


Can you guess the secret word?

Two players - only one of them knows the secret word, and gives hints to the other player, who must guess the word. Try playing this game with an AI agent as your partner.

Just how hard is it to make some easy money?

Banks often use AI systems to process checks, and tricking the system could help you net some extra cash. Learn how to identify which AI systems are more vulnerable to trickery.

"I'd like to speak to a human": When chatbots go wrong.

Who hasn't been frustrated by a clunky customer service chatbot? Trade places with the bot in this game, and learn how IBM can tell when it's time to bring in a human.

Has your AI system been hacked? Better check for backdoors.

Hackers can sneak backdoors into data used to train AI systems, affecting their performance. See if you can find the backdoors in this game.

Biased data can lead to biased predictions.

See how different datasets affect the predictions of an AI model. Rate the fairness of the outcomes, and see if other players agree. Then learn why reducing bias in AI models is so important to IBM.