IBM at IJCAI 2023

Macao, China
This event has ended.


The AI research teams from various IBM Research locations will be at the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the premier international gathering of researchers in AI. These IBMers will showcase some of our exciting projects by giving talks, hosting interactive workshops and engaged panel discussions.

Read our accepted papers at IJCAI 2023 (including workshop papers not listed as part of the agenda).

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  • This tutorial reviews the design of common meaning representations, SoTA models for predicting meaning representations, and the applications of meaning representations in a wide range of downstream NLP tasks and real-world applications. Reporting by a diverse team of NLP researchers from academia and industry with extensive experience in designing, building, and using meaning representations, our tutorial has three components: (1) an introduction to common meaning representations, including basic concepts and design challenges; (2) a review of SoTA methods on building models for meaning representations; and (3) an overview of applications of meaning representations in downstream NLP tasks and real-world applications.

    This is an all-day** tutorial.**

    **Presenters: **Nianwen Xue; Julia Bonn; Jeffrey Flanigan; Timothy O’Gorman; Jan Jan Hajic; Ishan Jindal; Yunyao Li

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