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    IBM Research – Africa

    Founded in 2013, IBM Research – Africa develops new technologies to transform lives and spark new business opportunities. We conduct research in key areas such as water management, agriculture, transportation, health care, financial inclusion, education, energy, security, and government. With facilities in Kenya and South Africa, we foster local innovation ecosystems and have created new models for partnerships with industry, academia, government, non-profits, and start-ups.

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    Our team fosters an inclusive culture that allows our researchers to create, maintain, and support world-class applications and infrastructure, in collaboration with distinguished research scientists and developers around the globe. As a group of researchers, scientists, technologists, engineers and designers, we are inventing what’s next in computing.
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    Accelerated Discovery Technology

    Enabling the scientist and the scientific software developer to rapidly harness the most advanced new techniques in a cloud-native environment.

    Extensions and NLU Applications of Logical Neural Networks

    Using Logical Neural Networks to demonstrate the benefit of incorporating knowledge and reasoning into neural network learning

    Deep Scanner

    A tale of adversarial attacks & out-of-distribution detection stories in the activation space

    Imprecise Probabilistic Logic

    Developing a general knowledge representation framework to facilitate effective reasoning over multiple sources of imprecise knowledge.

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    45 Juta Street
    Johannesburg, 2000
    South Africa

    +27 112 769 200

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