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The IBM Research AI Hardware Center is a global research hub headquartered in Albany, New York. The center is focused on enabling next-generation chips and systems that support the tremendous processing power and unprecedented speed that AI requires to realize its full potential.


Today’s systems have achieved improved AI performance by infusing machine-learning capabilities with high-bandwidth CPUs and GPUs, specialized AI accelerators and high-performance networking equipment. To maintain this trajectory, new thinking is needed to accelerate AI performance scaling to match to ever-expanding AI workload complexities.

The AI Hardware Center is taking a holistic approach to building AI systems from the ground up – from materials, chips, devices, architecture and the entire software stack. IBM, working with NY State and a broader ecosystem of partners, is paving the way for the next generation of artificial intelligence systems that will improve business and the lives of people all over the world.

Our researchers also played a pivotal part in creating IBM Cloud Functions, IBM Kubernetes Service, Multicloud Manager and Key Protect, as well as the development and adoption of Istio as an enterprise service mesh. Our teams were also core contributors to the IBM Cloud Gen 2 control plane and SDN.

Each of these achievements builds upon the last to ensure IBM Cloud users have access to the latest breakthroughs in cloud technology.

Join IBM and New York State to form a collaboration hub in the IBM Research AI Hardware Center.

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IBM Telum chip, and IBM z16 sketches.
  • Analog AI Cores

    Analog AI cores enable in-memory storage and processing of data to speed computation and yield exponential gains in computational efficiency.

  • Digital AI Cores

    Digital AI cores are new accelerators for existing semiconductor technologies that use reduced precision to speed computation and decrease power consumption.

  • Heterogeneous Integration

    AI applications drive the need for a system level optimization of AI Hardware through Heterogeneous Integration of Accelerators, Memory and CPU. The AI Hardware center will focus on interconnect solutions to enable high speed, high bandwidth connectivity between the different components.

  • AI technology testbed

    The IBM Research AI Hardware Center will host research and development, prototyping, testing, and simulation activities for new AI cores specially designed for training and deploying advanced AI models, including a testbed in which members can demonstrate Center innovations in real-world applications. The testbed is a customizable platform for testing the accuracy and efficiency of new AI technologies for training and inferencing on image, speech, and text workloads. 

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Jeffrey Burns
Director, AI Compute
Leland Chang
Principal RSM and Senior Manager, AI Hardware Design
Kaoutar El Maghraoui
Principal Research Staff Member, AI Engineering, IBM Research AI
Vijay Narayanan
IBM Fellow & Strategist, Physics of AI. Senior Manager, PCM and AI Materials
Mukta Farooq
Distinguished RSM
Dale McHerron
Senior Manager, Heterogeneous Integration & Process Strategy
John Rozen
Program Director, AI Hardware Center. Manager, Resistive Memories
Abu Sebastian
Distinguished RSM & Manager, In-memory computing
Geoffrey Burr
Distinguished RSM
Kohji Hosokawa
Science & Technology

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IBM Research is developing new devices and hardware architectures that support the tremendous processing power and unprecedented speed that AI requires to realize its full potential.