03 Jun 2021
3 minute read

Strangeworks now offers IBM's quantum computers on its open platform

IBM Quantum is fostering an open, collaborative quantum computing ecosystem—one that maximizes researchers, startups, and enterprise developers' access to the best quantum computing systems. For that reason, we're excited to announce that we'll be making our quantum systems available to Strangeworks' Quantumcomputing.com users.

In February, we released our roadmap for building an open quantum software ecosystem. Key to our mission is developing an open-source quantum computing platform that targets the needs of developers, from those stringing qubits together into quantum circuits, to the domain-specific experts looking to apply quantum to their fields—and developing this platform. Less than two weeks later, Strangeworks announced their platform and the network of partners they were engaging to further develop the quantum computing market. We saw this platform as the perfect opportunity to further the mission set forth in our roadmap.

“IBM and Strangeworks share a deep commitment in an open, community-based approach to developing the quantum computing industry and ecosystem,” said Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and VP of IBM Quantum.

“IBM is thrilled to have our quantum software and hardware technologies integrated and ready to make quantum computing more accessible and usable to a broader set of developers in the private and public sectors.”

“We’re excited to add IBM’s quantum computers and simulators to Strangeworks ever-expanding quantum computing ecosystem,” said whurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks.

“This is the first in a series of both hardware and software integrations that will build on our joint vision of a welcoming, open, and accessible quantum computing infrastructure”.

Today's announcement marks the beginning of technical integration of IBM Quantum as a service into the Strangeworks platform. Starting immediately, users will be able to use their IBM Quantum account via Quantumcomputing.com.

Quantumcomputing.com is a free quantum computing ecosystem that allows users to learn how to use and manipulate quantum algorithms and create quantum computing projects with various quantum code libraries (including Qiskit). Users can easily share their work and collaborate on projects.

Soon, users will be able to sign up to use IBM Quantum via the Stangeworks platform directly. Users will then be able to access IBM Quantum backends, and program using Qiskit and OpenQASM, through the Strangeworks cloud platform.

We look forward to collaborating with Strangeworks and their community of users in order to define the quantum applications that could help tackle the most pressing challenges faced by enterprises and society at large today.


03 Jun 2021