Redefining where discovery happens

Modha's Brain Chip

Repsol and IBM: Team up to transform the oil business

Lake George analytics

Jefferson Project: Predicting the future of Lake George

TrueNorth chip

Brain Power: What is a cognitive chip?

Modha's Brain Chip

True North: Introducing a Brain-inspired Computer

Chip Challenge Investment

Beyond silicon: Tackling tomorrow’s chip grand challenge today

Industrial Polymers

Industrial polymers: IBM Research has demonstrated a new class of self-healing, super-strong polymer materials


World's Smallest Magazine Cover: “Chiseling” the Future of Computing

A photo of IBM Watson in the cloud

New York Genome Center: Analyzing genomes to help personalize cancer treatment

Children playing with a broken television set

Project Lucy: Using cognitive systems to tackle Africa's grand challenges

Image of the Bengali Butternut Barbeque sauce

Computational Creativity: How a machine can generate ideas the world has never imagined before

Plastic Ninjas Introduction

Ninja polymers: Nanomedicine that can destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria

WatsonPaths interface

WatsonPaths: Enabling natural interaction between physicians, data and electronic medical records.

Image of a persons hand holding a cellphone with a map of Africa in the background.

Text analytics and machine learning: Giving a voice to Ugandans through crowdsourcing and data management

Genome sequencing meets chocolate - How analyzing cacao plant genes could save chocolate

Genome sequencing meets chocolate: How analyzing cacao plant genes could save chocolate

cognitive computing thumbnail image

Cognitive computing: Artificial intelligence meets business intelligence

Heinrich Rohrer and Gerd Binning with the STM

Heinrich Rohrer: Nobel Laureate and IBM Fellow 1933-2013

Giving back to the grid thumbnail image

Giving back to the grid: Electric cars, homes and buildings are helping to balance energy supply and demand

a boy and his atom

A Boy And His Atom: Scientists at IBM Research have made the world's smallest movie by moving individual atoms with a scanning tunneling microscope

Brunei article thumbnail

Using data to power and feed an island nation: How Brunei is using weather modeling to save its natural resources

Patent Leadership story thumbnail

20 years of serious thinking and patent leadership: Read about IBM's innovation milestone

model shop article thumbnail

Models for innovation: From supercomputers to Watson's thumb - the nuts and bolts behind the research

Nanorods take down counterfeiters thumbnail

Nanorods take down counterfeiters: IBM scientists create nano-sized patterns to thwart forgeries

proton radiation therapy article thumbnail

Pin-point cancer therapy: Targeting only bad cells with proton radiation

Ireland water management article image

Ireland eyes its water supply: IBM Research analytics help reduce loss and save resources

precision agriculture article thumbnail image

Precision Agriculture: Using predictive weather analytics to feed future generations

Image for IBM Research goes Hollywood with Emmy win

IBM Research goes Hollywood with Emmy win: Linear tape technology to revolutionize media storage

Dementia Introduction

A new kind of dementia treatment: Using voice monitoring to help diagnose and treat dementia at home

The doctors are in thumbnail image

The doctors are in: Physicians at IBM Research help create a new vision for healthcare technology

SuperMUC - the road to the zero emissions data center

SuperMUC: The road to the zero emissions data center

Augmented Reality Introduction

Augmented reality makes shopping more personal: New mobile application from IBM Research helps both consumers and retailers

Internet Memes Introduction

Internet memes at work: How an online meme can give a glance into company culture

Foiling Fraud Introduction

Foiling financial fraud: How IBM Research can help companies save billions annually

Big Bang to Big Data Introduction

From big bang to big data: Astron and IBM explore the origin of the universe