Applied Physics Letters

YBaCuO superconducting films on SiO2 substrates formed from Cu/BaO/Y2O3/Ag layer structures

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Cu/BaO/Y2O3/Ag layer structures were deposited on SiO2 substrates at 600 °C and post-annealed in oxygen at different temperatures. Superconducting oxides with a thickness of 5000 Å were formed at 800 °C, with an onset of 92 K and a zero resistance at 70 K. The films contain mainly the YBa2Cu3O7 phase, with the 103 and 020 diffraction peaks being the major ones observed. The high deposition temperature used is shown to help the formation of the YBa 2Cu3O7 phase, leading to the observed superconductivity using SiO2 substrates.