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WRF nature run

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The Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model is a limited-area model of the atmosphere for mesoscale research and operational numerical weather prediction (NWP). A petascale problem is a WRF nature run that provides very high-resolution "truth" against which more coarse simulations or perturbation runs may be compared for purposes of studying predictability, stochastic parameterization, and fundamental dynamics. We carried out a nature run involving an idealized high resolution rotating fluid on the hemisphere to investigate scales that span the k-3 to k-5/3 kinetic energy spectral transition of the observed atmosphere using 65,536 processors of the BG/L machine at LLNL. We worked through issues of parallel I/O and scalability. The primary result is not just the scalability and high Tflops number, but an important step towards understanding weather predictability at high resolution. (c) 2007 ACM.