MSR 2022
Conference paper

Varangian: A Git Bot for Augmented Static Analysis


The complexity and scale of modern software programs often lead to overlooked programming errors and security vulnerabilities. Developers often rely on automatic tools, like static analysis tools, to look for bugs and vulnerabilities. Static analysis tools are widely used because they can understand nontrivial program behaviors, scale to millions of lines of code, and detect subtle bugs. However, they are known to generate an excess of false alarms which hinder their utilization as it is counterproductive for developers to go through a long list of reported issues, only to find a few true positives. One of the ways proposed to suppress false positives is to use machine learning to identify them. However, training machine learning models requires good quality labeled datasets. For this purpose, we developed D2A [3], a differential analysis based approach that uses the commit history of a code repository to create a labeled dataset of Infer [2] static analysis output.