CHI EA 2004
Conference paper

Universal Remote Console standard - Toward natural user interaction in Ambient Intelligence

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The draft standard on a Universal Remote Console (URC) framework is on its way to be reviewed and released by ANSI in 2004. This standard will contribute to the goal of Ambient Intelligence by allowing users to interact with networked devices and services in their environments in universal and natural ways, utilizing technologies such as natural language interaction and wearable computing. This SIG will follo w up on last year's successful SIG, whose contributions helped to shape the URC draft standard. Participants in this SIG will present and discuss the impact of the URC draft standard on the field of Ambient Intelligence. The goal of this SIG is to build a network of people from industry and academia who are interested in moving the Universal Remote Console standard forward, and in pursuing its wide-spread adoption in order to implement adaptable and usable user interfaces for networked devices and services. © 2004 ACM.