Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

Time dependence of surface enhanced raman scattering during and after oxidation-reduction cycles

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The time-development of surface enhanced Raman scattering from silver electrodes immersed in simple electrolytes has been measured during and after oxidation-reduction cycles of the linear scan double step type. Raman spectra were recorded in times as short as 0.1 second, using a spectrograph equipped with an optical multichannel detector and analyzer. Correlations between Raman spectra and current or charge passed were found, and in mixed electrolytes the displacement of one anion by a more strongly adsorbing anion was observed. In addition, unexpectedly strong effects of laser irradiation and hydrogen evolution prior to the oxidation-reduction cycle have been observed in the intensity of SERS bands after the cycle. These last two effects are attributed to peculiar surface morphologies. © 1983, All rights reserved.