The quantum metal ferroelectric field-effect transistor

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It has recently been suggested that ferroelectric (FE) negative capacitance effects can be used to achieve steep subthreshold slope field-effect transistors, which are greatly desired for reducing energy consumption in modern digital electronics. Here, we propose that this concept can be improved by the introduction of a very thin metal or metal-like layer (a quantum metal) between the FE and the semiconductor channel. We show how to design this layer so that it attenuates the polarization charge of the FE, applying an appropriate charge to the semiconductor, while at the same time presenting a relatively constant capacitance to the FE layer, as is needed to stabilize the negative capacitance regime. For homogeneous polarization, we estimate that this device (a QMFeFET) can have extremely steep subthreshold characteristics (2 mV/decade over 11 decades) and that its energy and delay performance are advantageous. © 1963-2012 IEEE.