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The BlueGene/L supercomputer and quantum ChromoDynamics

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We describe our methods for performing quantum chromodynamics (QCD) simulations that sustain up to 20% of the peak performance on BlueGene supercomputers. We present our methods, scaling properties, and first cutting edge results relevant to QCD. We show how this enables unprecedented computational scale that brings lattice QCD to the next generation of calculations. We present our QCD simulation that achieved 12.2 Teraflops sustained performance with perfect speedup to 32K CPU cores. Among other things, these calculations are critical for cosmology, for the heavy ion experiments at RHIC-BNL, and for the upcoming experiments at CERN-Geneva. Furthermore, we demonstrate how QCD dramatically exposes memory and network latencies inherent in any computer system and propose that QCD should be used as a new, powerful HPC benchmark. Our sustained performance demonstrates the excellent properties of the BlueGene/L system. © 2006 IEEE.