ICML 2020
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Stochastic gauss-newton algorithms for nonconvex compositional optimization

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We develop two new stochastic Gauss-Newton algorithms for solving a class of non-convex stochastic compositional optimization problems frequently arising in practice. We consider both the expectation and finite-sum settings under standard assumptions, and use both classical stochastic and SARAH estimators for approximating function values and Jacobians. In the expectation case, we establish O "2 iteration-complexity to achieve a stationary point in expectation and estimate the total number of stochastic oracle calls for both function value and its Jacobian, where " is a desired accuracy. In the finite sum case, we also estimate O "2 iteration-complexity and the total oracle calls with high probability. To our best knowledge, this is the first time such global stochastic oracle complexity is established for stochastic Gauss-Newton methods. Finally, we illustrate our theoretical results via two numerical examples on both synthetic and real datasets.


13 Jul 2020


ICML 2020