AAAI 2021
Conference paper

StarNet: Towards Weakly Supervised Few-Shot Object Detection

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Few-shot detection and classification have advanced significantly in recent years. Yet, detection approaches require strong annotation (bounding boxes) both for pre-training and for adaptation to novel classes, and classification approaches rarely provide localization of objects in the scene. In this paper, we introduce StarNet - a few-shot model featuring an end-to-end differentiable non-parametric star-model detection and classification head. Through this head, the backbone is meta-trained using only image-level labels to produce good features for jointly localizing and classifying previously unseen categories of few-shot test tasks using a star-model that geometrically matches between the query and support images (to find corresponding object instances). Being a few-shot detector, StarNet does not require any bounding box annotations, neither during pre-training nor for novel classes adaptation. It can thus be applied to the previously unexplored and challenging task of Weakly Supervised Few-Shot Object Detection (WS-FSOD), where it attains significant improvements over the baselines. In addition, StarNet shows significant gains on few-shot classification benchmarks that are less cropped around the objects (where object localization is key).