Journal of Solid State Chemistry

Stabilization of unusual oxidation states of chromium, Cr(IV) and Cr(V), in the Ordered Perovskite La2LiV1-xCrxO6

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In a general study concerning the stabilization of high oxidation states in the La2LiVO6 matrix using high pressure, Cr(IV) (d2) and Cr(V) (d1), have been isolated and characterized in the double perovskites La2LiV0.90Cr0.10O5.95 and La2LiV0.90Cr0.10O6. Magnetic measurements and EPR study confirm such oxidation states and suggest a local tetragonal distortion of their octahedral environment in agreement with the respective t22ge0g [Cr(IV)] and t12ge0g [Cr(V)] electronic configurations. © 1994 Academic Press, Inc.