CHI EA 2022
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'SIGuiendo' Each Other Steps

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Connecting with each other on the basis of research interests, geographies or identity has shown to be an important aspect of community development within HCI. The advent of a variety of committees and Special Interest Groups (SIG) are a testament to this need of connecting with each other. As members of the nascent SIGCHI LATAM committee, we see an opportunity in learning together with different communities across the HCI field about how we are working to attract more practitioners, academics, and students to work together and grow research surrounding HCI. With this SIG, we want to promote an environment for discussing and exchanging practices among different collectives within SIGCHI worldwide. We propose inviting community leaders from different geographies, sub-fields and identities to discuss their strategies and experiences growing their communities. The event is open to all members interested in gaining insight into how to grow communities within HCI.