International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

Securing data services: A security architecture design for private storage cloud based on HDFS

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With the growth of business, an enterprise would like to make its PSC (private storage cloud) approach an infrastructure service in a partner/public cloud. In such PSCs, there are some new data security issues, First, how to keep the data rest in the PSC isolated from internal and external attackers; second, how to make secure intra-cloud data migration within the enterprise; third, how to secure inter-cloud data migrating between the PSC and the partner/public cloud. In this paper, we propose an architecture design for enforcing data security services on the layer of HDFS in the PSC, including secure data isolation service, secure intra-cloud data migration service, and secure inter-cloud data migration service. Finally, it gives the prototype implemented as pluggable security modules in accord with our custom security policies through AOP (Aspect- Oriented Programming) method. The time cost is given and evaluated efficiently. Copyright © 2013 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.