BCTM 2007
Conference paper

Second generation 60-GHz transceiver chipset supporting multiple modulations at Gb/s data rates (Invited)

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A feature-rich second-generation 60-GHz transceiver chipset is introduced. It integrates dual-conversion superheterodyne receiver and transmitter chains, a sub-integer frequency synthesizer, full programmability from a digital interface, modulator and demodulator circuits to support analog modulations (e.g. MSK, BPSK), as well as a universal I&Q interface for digital modulation formats (e.g. OFDM). Achieved performance includes 6-dB receiver noise figure and 12 dBm transmitter output 1dB compression point. Wireless link experiments with different modulation formats for 2-Gb/s real-time uncompressed HDTV transmission are discussed. Additionally, recent millimeter-wave package and antenna developments are summarized and a 60GHz silicon micromachined antenna is presented. © 2007 IEEE.