Journal of Electronic Materials

Room temperature oxidation of lead-indium alloy films

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The kinetics of growth of thin (14 to 40Å) oxide layers on lead-indium alloys was investigated ellipsometrically, using: 3000Å thick films at 23°C; and oxygen exposures at 760 torr for times ranging from five minutes to five days. Assuming that the oxide layer is comprised of a two-phase mixture of PbO and In2O3 having a negligible extinction coefficient made it possible to estimate the oxide composition from the ellipsometrically-obtained oxide refractive index. Under these oxidizing conditions, the volume fraction of PbO in the oxide mixture decreases from a value of unity for pure lead to zero for alloys containing more than 30 at. percent In, in agreement with the Auger Electron Spectroscopy results of Chou and coworkers. The oxidation rate equals a exp (X1/X), where α and X1 will be seen to vary complexly with alloy composition. A theoretical explanation of these results is also presented. © 1975 American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.


01 Dec 1975


Journal of Electronic Materials