IITC 2009
Conference paper

Robust and low cost copper contact application for low power device at 32 nm-node and beyond

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We have demonstrated the complete copper filling of contact structures at 32 nm- and 22 nm-node dimensions with the conventional PVD only Ta(N)/Cu barrier/seed process. Copper seed process was optimized to obtain the sufficient coverage of copper along the contact hole with the sufficiently wide gap opening at the top by the use of the directional sputtering and the re-sputtering techniques. In addition, this process was implemented on fully integrated 32 nm-node device wafers and the optimized process produced sufficient performance to meet 32 nm-node requirements. The investigation also included two cases with intentional departure from the optimal conditions, one with a low thickness barrier and the other without copper re-sputtering. In both cases negative influence on front-end-of-the-line (FEOL) parameters was observed. © 2009 IEEE.