VLDB 2020
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Replication at the Speed of Change – a Fast, Scalable Replication Solution for Near Real-Time HTAP Processing

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The IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) is a state-of-the art hybrid database system that seamlessly extends the strong transactional capabilities of Db2 for z/OS with the very fast column-store processing in Db2 Warehouse. The Accelerator maintains a copy of the data from Db2 for z/OS in its backend database. Data can be synchronized at a single point in time with a granularity of a table, one or more of its partitions, or incrementally as rows changed using replication technology. IBM Change Data Capture (CDC) has been employed as replication technology since IDAA version 3. Version 7.5.0 introduces a superior replication technology as a replacement for IDAA’s use of CDC – Integrated Synchronization. In this paper, we present how Integrated Synchronization improves the performance by orders of magnitudes, paving the way for near real-time Hybrid Transactional and Analytical (HTAP) processing.


31 Aug 2020


VLDB 2020