Proceedings of SPIE 1989
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Radiographic imaging at medium energies using multilayer mirrors

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A 2" x 4" ReW-C multilayer mirror (d = 33. Å) is used to reflect a narrow bandwidth x-ray beam from the emission spectrum of a W-anode radiographic tube. Theoretical reflectivity curves and measured reflected spectra are presented. The rejection of most x-ray energies outside of a limited bandwidth permits the x-ray tube to operate at a higher (more efficient) voltage than is possible with conventional radiographic beam filters. A contrast phantom was imaged using a slit scan system with a film-screen x-ray detector. An array of mirrors (multiple slit scanning) is considered as a means of reducing tube heat loading. The ability to select either the Mo K or K characteristic x-ray may offer an alternative to a W-anode Bremsstrahlung spectrum for mammography and soft tissue radiography. © 1986 SPIE.