Proceedings of SPIE 1989
Conference paper

Characterization of mev ion-implanted gainas/gaas using x-ray and raman techniques

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Lattice relaxation, elastic strain, and phonon shifts are studied in as-grown, MeV ion-implanted, and thermally annealed strained GaInAs layers on GaAs(001) substrates. The degree of lattice relaxation for the as-grown samples is discussed in terms of the measured in-plane lattice constants and the calculated critical thickness. For the 15 MeV Cl or 9 MeV P ion bombarded GaInAs/GaAs, the beam-induced elastic strains and beam-induced phonon shifts are measured and discussed for samples with different degrees of initial relaxation. Thermal annealing on the as-grown and the ion-implanted GaInAs layers indicates a substantial thermal loss of indium in the thin surface layers and a full recovery of radiation damage in the GaInAs layers by 500°C. © 1988 SPIE.