Journal of Applied Physics

Properties of epitaxial chromium dioxide films grown by chemical vapor deposition using a liquid precursor

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Epitaxial chromium dioxide (CrO 2) films have been grown using chemical vapor deposition on (100) TiO 2 substrate with chromyl chloride (CrO 2Cl 2) as a liquid precursor. The films are extremely smooth (rms roughness less than 4.6 Å for a 1000-Å-thick film) and have the largest spin polarization (P=98.4%) yet observed, as determined by point contact Andreev reflection. Magnetization switching properties of the films are close to those of a single-domain particle. Preliminary results on the in situ growth of exchange-biased CrO 2/Cr 2O 3 multilayers are also reported. Although a bias field is observed, it is much smaller in comparison with the coercivity of the CrO 2 film. © 2002 American Institute of Physics.