IMAPS 2020
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Packaging Issues and Solutions for Ultra-Low Power, High Efficiency GaN micro-LEDs for a Battery Free, Sub-mm2, Tetherless, Smart IoT System

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This paper discusses some design and implementation issues related to GaN micro-LED (μLED) incorporated into the heterogeneous packaging of IBM’s smart and secure sensor platform. For cost effective μLEDs, the sapphire substrate needs to be singulated reliably and with minimum kerf perimeter, be ultra-clean and smooth to allow back side emission without scattering, and high yielding front side flip chip bonding with 20μm C4s on 40μm pitch. The GaN μLEDs are design for low voltage/low power operation with an emission area of 20μm × 20μm with critical current density of ~10nA/μm2. Power and downlink data is delivered to the system via optical energy harvesting by on-silicon carrier photovoltaics and communication photodiode, respectively. Optical amplitude modulated uplink communication by heterogeneous packaging of the GaN μLED with a 14nm CMOS smart chip will be detailed and demonstrated in presentation.


05 Oct 2020


IMAPS 2020