Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

Novel high-performance analog devices for advanced low-power high-k metal gate complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology

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High performance analog (HPA) devices in high-k metal gate (HKMG) scheme with innovative halo engineering have been successfully demonstrated to produce superior analog and digital performance for low power applications. HPA device was processed "freely" with no extra mask, no extra litho, and no extra process step. This paper details a comprehensive study of the analog and digital characteristics of these HPA devices in comparison with analog control (conventional digital devices with matched geometry). Analog properties such as output voltage gain (also called self-gain), trans-conductance Gm, conductance Gds, Gm/Id, mismatching (MM) behavior, flicker noise (1=f noise) and current linearity have clearly reflected the advantage of HPA devices over analog control, while DC performance (e.g., Ion-Ioff, Ioff-Vtsat , DIBL, C jswg) and reliability (HCI) have also shown the comparability of HPA devices over control. © 2011 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.