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Natural language querying of complex business intelligence queries

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Natural Language Interface to Database (NLIDB) eliminates the need for an end user to use complex query languages like SQL by translating the input natural language statements to SQL automatically. Although NLIDB systems have seen rapid growth of interest recently, the current state-of-the-art systems can at best handle point queries to retrieve certain column values satisfying some filters, or aggregation queries involving basic SQL aggregation functions. In this demo, we showcase our NLIDB system with extended capabilities for business applications that require complex nested SQL queries without prior training or feedback from human in-the-loop. In particular, our system uses novel algorithms that combine linguistic analysis with deep domain reasoning for solving core challenges in handling nested queries. To demonstrate the capabilities, we propose a new benchmark dataset containing realistic business intelligence queries, conforming to an ontology derived from FIBO and FRO financial ontologies. In this demo, we will showcase a wide range of complex business intelligence queries against our benchmark dataset, with increasing level of complexity. The users will be able to examine the SQL queries generated, and also will be provided with an English description of the interpretation.