SCC 2014
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Multidimensional reputation network for service composition in the internet of things

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The composition of services, as envisioned in the Internet of Things and Web of Things paradigms, is a most relevant component. To be effective, services composition should choose among the discovered services the most suitable ones and this a non-trivial task given the (typically) very large number of available services. In this work we propose a framework for assessing the reputation of a set of services as a measure for the suitability of such services in coping with a given task. We take as a starting point an approach proposed for team recommendation that aims at maximize the overall team reputation, based on the feedback that each team member receives from other members. It is important to point out that several important differences among the approaches exist - which we highlight in the paper - that do not allow for a mere adaptation from the team recommendation setting.


17 Oct 2014


SCC 2014