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Mono2Micro: An AI-based toolchain for evolving monolithic enterprise applications to a microservice architecture

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Mono2Micro is an AI-based toolchain that provides recommendations for decomposing legacy web applications into microservice partitions. Mono2Micro consists of a set of tools that collect static and runtime information from a monolithic application and process the information using an AI-based technique to generate recommendations for partitioning the application classes. Each partition represents a candidate microservice or a grouping of classes with similar business functionalities. Mono2Micro takes a temporo-spatial clustering approach to compute meaningful and explainable partitions. It generates two types of partition recommendations. First, it computes business-logic-seams-based partitions that represent a desired encapsulation of business functionalities. However, such a recommendation may cut across data dependencies between classes, accommodating which could require significant application updates. To address this, Mono2Micro computes natural-seams-based partitions, which respect data dependencies. We describe the set of tools that comprise Mono2Micro and illustrate them using a well-known open-source JEE application.