VLSID/Embedded 2010
Conference paper

Modeling of high frequency noise in SOI MOSFETs

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The high frequency thermal noise sets the lower limit of the detectable signals in the receiver RF front-end systems. Hence it is very important that the models for thermal noise should be more accurate and physical. In this paper, we model thermal noise with BSIMSOI and PSPSOI models and compare it with the hardware data. The comparison is done for two types of FET:thick gate-oxide NFET(5.2 nm) and thin gate-oxide NFET(3.2 nm). The hardware correlation between the PSPSOI and BSIMSOI models are compared and the PSPSOI model is found to model the hardware data more accurately. The noise performance between the thin oxide and thick oxide NFETs are compared and the thin oxide FET has been found to have a better noise performance. © 2010 IEEE.