CIKM 2017
Conference paper

Modeling menu bundle designs of crowdfunding projects

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Offering products in the forms of menu bundles is a common practice in marketing to attract customers and maximize revenues. In crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, rewards also play an important part in influencing project success. Designing rewards consisting of the appropriate items is a challenging yet crucial task for the project creators. However, prior research has not considered the strategies project creators take to offer and bundle the rewards, making it hard to study the impact of reward designs on project success. In this paper, we raise a novel research question: understanding project creators' decisions of reward designs to level their chance to succeed. We approach this by modeling the design behavior of project creators, and identifying the behaviors that lead to project success. We propose a probabilistic generative model, Menu-Offering-Bundle (MOB) model, to capture the offering and bundling decisions of project creators based on collected data of 14K crowdfunding projects and their 149K reward bundles across a half-year period. Our proposed model is shown to capture the offering and bundling topics, outperform the baselines in predicting reward designs.We also find that the learned offering and bundling topics carry distinguishable meanings and provide insights of key factors on project success.



CIKM 2017