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Model Reprogramming: Resource-Efficient Cross-Domain Machine Learning

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In data-rich domains such as vision, language, and speech, deep learning prevails to deliver high-performance task-specific models and can even learn general task-agnostic representations for efficient finetuning to downstream tasks. However, deep learning in resource-limited domains still faces multiple challenges including (i) limited data, (ii) constrained model development cost, and (iii) lack of adequate pre-trained models for effective finetuning. This paper provides an overview of model reprogramming to bridge this gap. Model reprogramming enables resource-efficient cross-domain machine learning by repurposing and reusing a well-developed pre-trained model from a source domain to solve tasks in a target domain without model finetuning, where the source and target domains can be vastly different. In many applications, model reprogramming outperforms transfer learning and training from scratch. This paper elucidates the methodology of model reprogramming, summarizes existing use cases, provides a theoretical explanation of the success of model reprogramming, and concludes with a discussion on open-ended research questions and opportunities.


20 Feb 2024


AAAI 2024