MRS Spring Meeting 2023

Materials and Technology Elements for Scaling Quantum Processors

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Quantum computing has the potential to be a new computing paradigm. At IBM Quantum we have been scaling the number of qubits, improving coherence times and gate fidelities as seen through the evolution of our quantum processors: Falcon 27 qubits, Hummingbird 65 qubits, Eagle 127 qubits, and we are on track to deliver Osprey 433 qubits and Condor 1121 qubits. Throughout this process we are learning about materials, process integration and yield, mechanical aspects, superconducting flexible cables, cryogenic infrastructure, control electronics and more. However, we cannot continue to simply increase the chip size to accommodate more and more qubits. Because of that, we are developing processes and architectures to connect processors into modular systems. In this talk we will discuss the architectures and materials used in integrating new technology elements such as superconducting interconnects, through-substrate-vias and advanced packaging techniques that are enabling us to scale up our quantum processors. We will also touch on how we are planning to continue scaling up and deliver 4000+ qubit processors in the near future.


10 Apr 2023


MRS Spring Meeting 2023