Hyperfine Interactions

Low-field anomalous muonium depolarization in isotopically enriched germanium

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The depolarization rate of anomalous muonium, Mu*, in germanium isotopically enriched in74Ge (I=0) was measured as a function of field. The concentration of73Ge (I=9/2) was about 9 times less than natural abundance. The depolarization rate at 10 K in this isotopically enriched crystal for both lines of those Mu* centers whose symmetry axes make an angle of 90° to the field is less than 1 μsec-1 at all fields down to the lowest one measured, 14.5 gauss. This is in sharp contrast to the wide lines reported at low field in germanium having natural isotopic abundance. The spectrum of Mu* in the isotopically enriched Ge crystal was also seen at zero field. These results confirm that the increased depolarization rate for Mu* at low fields arises from unresolved nuclear hyperfine structure. The depolarization rates observed were consistent with an average hyperfine interaction with a single73Ge nucleus of 2.5 MHz, a value requiring nearly 1% of the spin density to be on a typical atom. © 1984 J.C. Baltzer AG, Scientific Publishing Company, and Yamada Science Foundation.