ISWC 2022
Conference paper

Knowledge Graph Induction Enabling Recommending and Trend Analysis: A Corporate Research Community Use Case

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A research division plays an important role of driving innovation in an organization. Drawing insights, following trends, keeping abreast of new research, and formulating a strategy becomes more challenging for both researchers and executives as the amount of information grows in both velocity and volume. In this paper we present a use case of how a corporate research community, IBM Research, utilized Semantic Web technologies to induce a unified Knowledge Graph from both structured and textual data integrating various applications used by the community related to research projects, academic papers, datasets, achievements and recognition. In order to make the Knowledge Graph more accessible to application developers, we identified a set of common patterns of exploiting the induced knowledge and exposed them as APIs. Those patterns were born out of user research which identified the most valuable use cases or user pain points to be alleviated. We outline two distinct scenarios: recommending and analytics for business use. We will discuss these scenarios in detail and provide an empirical evaluation on entity recommending specifically. The methodology used and the lessons learned from this work can be applied to other organizations facing similar challenges.