Aditya Gidh


Aditya Gidh


Software Engineer


IBM Research - Cambridge Cambridge, MA USA


Aditya Gidh is from Boston, Massachusetts where he works as a Software Engineer at IBM. Aditya enjoys problem solving right from the word go. He often finds himself getting into the crux of the problem and loves collaborating and developing creative solutions. Aditya is very passionate about Software Engineering, and strives to better himself as an engineer understanding and learning through all the different facets of the development lifecycle. He holds a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University, and a Bachelors in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai. During his tenure at IBM, Aditya has worked across a wide array of business units focusing on full stack development in product teams, to customer facing sites and various cloud engineering expeditions.

In his free time, Aditya enjoys working on his food blog: Hangry Tummy. He is also an avid runner, and aims to run a half marathon in the future. An enthusiast for all things sports, he also enjoys playing cricket, soccer and ping pong. He is very keen on enhancing his photography skills, and is constantly pursuing to opportunities to get that perfect frame.


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