Conference paper

Issues and challenges of Gbps backplane connector characterization


Current high-end inter-processor links run hundreds of signals at Gigabit per second data rates over one or two connectors and tens of inches of backplane. Suitable connectors have to fulfill tight crosstalk, reflection, and attenuation specifications. Accurate connector measurements and models are critical to the successful design of the whole link. However, due to high pin count and interdependencies with the backplane environment connector characterization is still a challenging task. Here, a 50 Ohm single-ended, pin-in-paste prototype connector system from ERNI is analyzed in detail. Comprehensive 3D full-wave EM simulations were done and compared to measurements. Several de-embedding techniques are presented to extract the connector response from the test environment. It will be shown that the connector footprint on the backplane has a major impact on the overall electrical performance.