CHI EA 2018
Conference paper

Intersectionality as a lens to promote equity and inclusivity within sigchi


The ACM SIGCHI community has been at the forefront of addressing issues of equity and inclusivity in the design and use of technology, accounting for various aspects of users’ identities such as gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. With this panel, we wish to explore how we, as SIGCHI, might better target similar goals of equity and inclusivity—across intersections—within our own community. We wish to create a forum for recognizing best practices regarding equity and inclusivity in participants’ local and global contexts that we might feasibly integrate across SIGCHI. By equally prioritizing the voices of those in the audience and on the panel, we intend to foster a lively and constructive discussion that will help us chart a way forward. The takeaways from this panel will be articulated into an article for the Interactions magazine, targeting the larger human-computer interaction (HCI) community.