K-CAP 2023

International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Summarization (KGSum2023)

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There is a growing interest in generating summaries from the facts contained in a Knowledge Graph. Condensing relevant information into a few statistical data, sentences, paragraphs, or triplets is an emerging problem that remains to be solved as knowledge graphs increase complexity and expand in size and domains. Knowledge Graph Summarization (KGSum) aims at producing concise but informative descriptions of the content of a knowledge graph that help users to efficiently access and distill valuable information from it. Conversational systems, question-answering services or any other method leveraging the narrative content around the entities in a knowledge graph will benefit from these techniques. This in-person workshop welcomes a wide range of papers, including full research papers, negative results, position papers, datasets, and system demos, that explore a variety of issues and processes related to the creation of summaries from knowledge graphs, such as question-answering, graph-to-text transformations, and entity summarization, among others. Also welcome are papers on resources (methods, tools, benchmarks, libraries, and datasets).