MM 2008
Workshop paper

Interaction and user experiences with multimedia technologies: Challenges and future topics

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In this paper, we investigate future topics and challenges of interaction and user experience in multimedia We bring together different perspectives from overlapping fields of research such as multimedia, human-computer interaction, information retrieval, networked multimedia, and creative arts. Based on potential intersections, we define three application domains to be investigated further, as they create high demand and good prospect for long-lasting developments in the future. These application domains are: media working environments, media enter-/edutainment, and social media engagement. Each application domain is analyzed along five dimensions, namely: information quality, presentation quality, ambience, interactivity, and user expectations. Based on this analysis, we identify the most pressing research questions and key challenges for each area. Finally, we advocate a user-centered approach to tackle these challenges and questions in order to develop relevant multimedia applications that best meet the users' expectations. © 2008 ACM.