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In-depth electrical characterization of deca-nanometer InGaAs MOSFET down to cryogenic temperatures for low-power quantum applications

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This work presents a detailed electrical characterization of planar InGaAs on Silicon MOSFETs from room temperature down to cryogenic temperatures (10 K). The main temperature-dependent electrical parameters of MOSFET operation (threshold voltage Vt, low-field mobility \mu 0, and subthreshold swing SS) were extracted in both linear and saturation regions through the consolidated Y-function method, for gate lengths down to 10 nm. The extracted parameters are first analyzed versus temperature and length and then compared against a more mature technology such as Silicon FDSOI MOSFETs. The work provides insight into the cryogenic operation of III-V MOSFETs and indicates a competing advantage versus Si CMOS for low-power cryogenic quantum computer applications.