IEEE Electron Device Letters

High-Performance Devices for a 0.15-μm CMOS Technology

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Devices have been designed and fabricated for a CMOS technology with the nominal channel length of 0.15 μm and minimum channel length below 0.1 μm. In order to minimize short-channel effects (SCE’s) down to channel lengths below 0.1 μm, highly nonuniform channel dopings (obtained by indium and antimony channel implants) and shallow source-drain extensions/halo (by In and Sb preamorphization and low-energy As and BF<inf>2</inf> implant) were used. Maximum high V<inf>DS</inf>threshold rolloff was 250 mV at effective channel length of 0.06 μm. For the minimum channel length of 0.1 μm, the loaded (FI = FO = 3, C<inf>L</inf>= 240 fF) and unloaded delays were 150 and 25 ps, respectively. © 1993 IEEE