Nature Nanotechnology

High-density integration of carbon nanotubes via chemical self-assembly

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Carbon nanotubes have potential in the development of high-speed and power-efficient logic applications1-7. However, for such technologies to be viable, a high density of semiconducting nanotubes must be placed at precise locations on a substrate. Here, we show that ion-exchange chemistry can be used to fabricate arrays of individually positioned carbon nanotubes with a density as high as 1 × 109 cm-2 - two orders of magnitude higher than previous reports8,9. With this approach, we assembled a high density of carbon-nanotube transistors in a conventional semiconductor fabrication line and then electrically tested more than 10,000 devices in a single chip. The ability to characterize such large distributions of nanotube devices is crucial for analysing transistor performance, yield and semiconducting nanotube purity. Copyright © 2012 Macmillan Publishers Limited.